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BINMEI: Leading Safflower Yellow Manufacturers and Phycocyanin Experts

In the realm of natural colorants and phycocyanin products, BINMEI stands tall as a distinguished name, setting new industry standards. Renowned for their excellence, BINMEI is not just a producer; they are pioneers in delivering top-notch quality while catering to a plethora of applications. In this article, we will focus on introducing you to safflower yellow manufacturers.

A Multifaceted Approach to Applications

BINMEI’s spectrum of applications for their products is as broad as it is impressive. Whether it’s the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or agriculture sector, BINMEI’s offerings find their place seamlessly, imparting vivid and enticing colors to a wide range of products.

The Rich Spectrum of Phycocyanin Products

BINMEI’s phycocyanin products come in a captivating range of specifications, each with its own unique charm. The E6, E10, E18, M18, E25, and E30 varieties of phycocyanin are available in organic and other specifications, manifesting as enchanting blue powders. It’s important to note that E3 is the liquid variant of this remarkable pigment

Clarity in Differentiation

While BINMEI excels in providing blue phycocyanin products, they also offer spirulina ultrafine powder, which is distinctly green in color. It’s vital to distinguish between the two to avoid any confusion. The green spirulina ultrafine powder has its own set of applications and qualities, separate from the captivating blue hues of phycocyanin.


In the world of safflower yellow manufacturing and phycocyanin production, BINMEI’s prominence is undisputed. Their commitment to quality, diverse product range, and extensive applications make them a formidable force. With a range of phycocyanin products, including various specifications and forms, BINMEI caters to the unique needs of different industries. And as they continue to innovate and expand, BINMEI remains a top choice for those seeking natural colorants and phycocyanin excellence.

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