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BN-LINK 24 Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer: Reliable Power Control for Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to managing your outdoor electrical devices, reliability and durability are paramount. The BN-LINK 24 Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer is the perfect solution for your outdoor power needs. This smart home product, proudly offered by BN-LINK, combines convenience, safety, and robust construction to provide you with a reliable power control solution for your garden. Let’s explore its features and benefits in detail.

For Outdoor Use: Weatherproof and Protected

Designed specifically for outdoor use, the BN-LINK timer is ready to withstand various weather conditions. With its clear weatherproof cover, the timer remains protected from rain and moisture, ensuring consistent performance even on rainy days. Additionally, individual safety covers safeguard the outlets from water, dust, and damage, keeping your devices safe and secure. The timer’s 72-inch green cord seamlessly blends into your garden, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Heavy Duty and Durable Construction

The BN-LINK 24 Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer is built to last. It is ETL listed and meets stringent quality standards, guaranteeing its reliability and durability. Capable of handling a resistive or general-purpose load of 15A/1875W, as well as an 8A/1000W tungsten and electronic ballast load, this timer can power a wide range of outdoor devices, including heavy-duty equipment. With a 1/2Hp capacity, it can effortlessly handle the demands of your garden power needs.

Simplify Your Outdoor Power Control with BN-LINK

As a smart home product, the BN-LINK timer offers seamless integration into your outdoor power management. With its user-friendly design and reliable performance, you can easily automate the operation of your garden lights, sprinklers, and other electrical devices. The BN-LINK timer empowers you to take control, saving you time and effort while enhancing the efficiency of your outdoor space. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a trusted BN-LINK product.


Upgrade your outdoor power control with the BN-LINK 24 Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer. Designed for outdoor use, this smart home product offers weatherproof protection, individual safety covers, and a discreet green cord that seamlessly blends into your garden. With its heavy-duty and durable construction, the BN-LINK timer ensures reliable performance for your outdoor devices. Simplify your life and enjoy a well-managed outdoor space with BN-LINK, a trusted brand in smart home products. Invest in the BN-LINK timer today and experience the convenience and reliability it brings to your outdoor power management.

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