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Remove Background from Product Photos for a Free

Since the exponential growth of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, people have been looking at visual content and photos in a new light. In recent years, photos and videos have been the main method of storytelling, whether it’s personal, professional, business, or otherwise. It’s long gone the days when small businesses and individuals hired professional designers and freelancers to design their business. With just a few clicks, we can edit our photos and tell our stories through them.

The Importance Of Background and Blends In Product Photography For E-Commerce

Online sales can be affected by the background you choose. There are many aspects of product photography. We will only focus on the most important one, background removal and editing.

Setting the right context

Product photography is a very professional job. It is possible to remove background from images and set them up on a transparent background. You can edit this with colors and patterns to give your images a unique vibe and context.

Grab Consumer Attention

You can remove the background from your product if it is too beautiful to be diluted with any other color.

This will help you shine the spotlight on the product and also allows you to use product images in multiple social media campaigns using different text or copy. The neutral, universal tone of white can be used to enhance product images. It can draw the viewer’s attention to the features and not its intended purpose.

Solid background to enhance product images

Visual Consistency

Other important factors include consistency and smaller files. A solid background can help you create product photos for digital solutions. This will ensure that your products are consistent and more attractive for people to purchase.

Visual consistency can make a big difference in the appeal of your home.

E-commerce Mandates

E-commerce is where most product photography has its greatest application. To avoid any confusion or assumptions about the product’s appearance, features and specifications, e-commerce websites require that all photos be uploaded with a solid/white background. To get the best listing, you will need to be familiar with the concept of blending and removing the background image.

For features that are clear and unambiguous, plain white background images work best

First, remove the background. This is the first step in editing a photo to adapt it to the story you want to tell. This is now possible quickly and easily for absolutely no cost.

How to Remove Background and Add Colour/Pattern/Image as Background

Take a few images of your product.

Get Blend App from Play Store and App Store.

Upload your product photos to Blend app and wait for it to remove the background in just a few seconds.

You’ll then be able to select any background you like for your product photos.

It can be used in templates to make it available for sale or other events. You can edit the templates to add/remove details such as your logo and website URL.


Blend has many benefits when it comes to editing product photos.

App Availability

Blend adopts an app-first approach and focuses on content creators, sellers, and resellers. It’s easy to create professional product imagery in a world where most of our activities are done through our smartphones. Sellers have the ability to use social media apps for selling and marketing.

Fine Technology

Blend’s core edits are powered by AI, making it very technical and sharp for background removal.

Social Sharing

Images can also be shared across major social media platforms. This eliminates the need to save, share and upload.


Blend was designed with e-commerce in view. It is ideal for product photos and listing on sites such as Amazon, Shopify. Shopee. AliExpress. Depop. Poshmark. Flipkart.

Great Reviews

Blend is loved by over 200k+ users worldwide and has received great feedback from the online seller community.

Start Creating Great Product Photos for Your Business Now!

Get the app for Android or iOS from Google Play Store. Create professional-quality images and background removal right away!

Blend Seller Academy offers more information and resources about e-commerce and small business online selling.

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