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Ultimate Guide for OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the most popular live-streaming encoder. It’s not hard to see why. This free, open-source software has many useful tools that will help you make great live broadcasts. You can also record your video and connect to any video conferencing or live-streaming provider. Additionally, you can use any digital camera to broadcast your video content in real-time.

Installation: OBS Studio

If you have not yet installed OBS Studio, this guide will help you get started. After you have chosen your operating system (Windows or macOS), go to the official OBS Studio site. Next, download the file and start the setup process.

There are many other plugins that can be installed during the installation process. It is better to not check the boxes in most cases. OBS Studio can be accessed directly from the installation window, or via a new icon placed on your desktop after the installation is completed.

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A Guide to OBS Studio

Let’s look at what you will need in your workspace now that OBS Studio has been installed on your device. Do not be alarmed. OBS can seem daunting at first but it is actually quite simple and straightforward.

When you first open OBS Studio, the Auto-Configuration Wizard will appear. This program will allow you to see the settings that work best for your system, and then make adjustments. These settings can lead to OBS black screens for HD output.

The Auto-Configuration Wizard is the best way to stream streaming fast. The top menu bar has Tools that allow you to automate the configuration. You can always adjust the parameters to suit your needs if you are not happy with the result.

How to get started with OBS Studio

OBS allows you to create scenes from a variety of audio and video layers. Each level receives an input that is unique. Let’s say you want to broadcast live video from your camera, microphone and screen simultaneously. When you add all three levels to OBS, OBS broadcasts them together.

You’ll notice that OBS has only one scene when you first open it. You have three options: Delete, rename or add a new scene. Keep in mind that only one scene of the film will be displayed live. This allows you the freedom to change scenes throughout your life, so viewers can see many different looks.

OBS Studio allows you to understand and control layers

The layers system is useful when you need OBS to gather multiple video sources for your broadcast. Because each layer contains additional video sources, you can mix and match the output images however you like. The highest number of video sources in your source list will be displayed first.

You should first add the video capture device and then the game capture for the broadcast. You can check whether all layers are properly layered in the preview box. If you don’t like any of the layers, you can drag and drop them into the Sources Box.


OBS Studio can seem very frustrating at first glance. You’ll quickly realize how simple and useful it is if you just take it step by step. OBS’s Auto-Configuration feature makes it easy to get up and running in just seconds. The streaming software has a variety of built-in capabilities that allow you to manage audio and video sources. This makes streaming enjoyable.

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