Considerations for the video interview

Information about the software

The recruiter and his/her team need to be familiar with the software that will be used for the video interview before they go. To learn more about the software, you will need to research it. Interviews with employees can be used to practice the software. This will allow you to explore the options and help you conduct interviews effectively. This information should be provided to your candidates so that they can review it.

Preparing an outline

To finalize your questions, you should prepare the interview questions. You will be able to interview more candidates, and you can also save time. Interviewers should think about how many rounds they will have in a given interview. What do we do if both the power and data connections go down? They must plan alternate solutions for every circumstance.

Notifying candidate

It is important to provide adequate information about the interview time, and the process. It is important to inform them about the software used to conduct the video interview. Also, the process for joining the interview via the software. They will be able to prepare for the interview by giving them a time frame. They will need to organize the interview. To attend the interview, they will need a suitable place, internet, and power connection.

Arranging Space

Both the recruiter and the candidate need to arrange the space. The place must have internet access at the highest speed possible. This will allow for peaceful interview. It will be difficult for them both to hear or see each other if they are unable to hear or see the voice. You should notify your candidates that they have the ability to listen to and see audio or video before you invite them to the interview.

Assessment Test

You will conduct the aptitude round if you use software for online interviews. It is important to properly prepare the question paper before you upload it. Upload it as soon as possible so that you can review how it works. This is because if it becomes a problem, your whole process could be ruined.

Record the interview

You can easily find the right candidate by recording the interview. The interview can be discussed with your other interviewing colleagues, and you can also review the interviews by others.

How do you use the software to conduct an online interview?

You should do your research on the most recent updates and available options before you buy any software or tools to conduct an online interview. Ninja interview is the best online interview software. You can conduct an interview with Ninja interview easily, thanks to its many advanced options.

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