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Poker cards New88today considered the most intellectual and attractive sports game in the list of casino games. In Vietnam and around the world, the poker player community is very large and high quality. To participate in this form of intellectual entertainment that requires the most computational ability in online casinos, please learn about the basic Poker rules below first.

What are the rules of Poker  New88?

The rules of Poker  New88 are quite simple. Each game, the player will be dealt 2 cards without seeing their opponent’s cards. After that, 5 community cards will be revealed in 3 rounds in order 3-1-1.

In the first round, 3 cards will be turned over simultaneously, and in the following two rounds, each round will be turned over 1 more card so everyone can see and make betting decisions. Members can follow or withdraw in each round. The winning factor will be the person who does not retreat in the betting rounds and has the strongest 5-card deck chosen from 2 cards in hand and 5 community cards.

Instructions on how to play Poker at  New88

Below are detailed instructions on how to join Poker  New88 at  New88b.vip. Through this article, we hope to help you understand better and easily participate in the game.

To start playing Poker at Casino New88, first of all, you need an account. Please select the “Register now” button to create your account.

Start playing

In each first game, before the cards are dealt, two players are forced to bet, called Blinds. The first person (Small Blind) bets the minimum amount, the second person (Big Blind) bets an amount double the amount of the first person.

The player making the Blinds is determined to be the two people adjacent to the right of the person sitting in the Dealer position (the position marked for dealing cards). The dealer factor will change after each game in a clockwise direction.

After the Blinds bet is made, each player will receive 2 cards to begin the first betting round. The next factor chosen in game 1 is the person sitting next to the Big Blind position.

Terminology in the game

Below is a list of options that each player needs to consider when it is their turn to place a bet in Poker  New88.

  • Fold: When you have a card that is not strong or do not want to continue playing in the game, you can fold and wait for another opportunity.
  • Bet: If no one has placed a bet yet and you are the first, put in the money.
  • For example: “I bet 10 chips”. You place chips in the pot, and those who want to continue playing must return the chips you bet.
  • Call: If someone bet earlier in the same round, you can call by paying to continue playing.
  • Raise: You can call and increase the bet amount at the same time. Players who want to continue must pay the new amount to participate.
  • Check: If no one has bet before, you can check the cards so you don’t have to bet more and still keep the right to call. The player after you can continue to do it.
  • All in: When you put all the money you have into the pot. If there is another player next, you will only be a spectator and cannot participate in further betting. When the game ends, you will compare cards to decide the winner or loser.

Standard way to calculate money in Poker  New88

The world-standard  New88 Poker payout method follows a simple and clear process. All money that players bet on the table will be automatically transferred to the Pot, and this condition applies to every round.
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In the traditional format, you simply push the chips onto the table. The Dealer will then add them to the Pot.

In the online format, betting is done by pressing the Bet, Call or Raise buttons on the screen.

The number of chips to bet in Poker  New88 is determined by the number of chips you initially purchased. This action is called Buy-in. You also need to pay a fee to the house to participate in the game.

Whoever wins will receive all the chips in the Pot. In case you have previously performed an All-in, you can only receive the amount up to the time you placed the All-in order. This helps ensure that Poker payouts are fair and transparent, providing peace of mind when playing in reputable online casinos.


Playing Poker requires understanding and skill, making it a challenge for newcomers. This is a calculated game, suitable for those who want to challenge themselves and bet with strategic thinking. To learn how to play Poker, you need to spend time researching and practicing your skills before officially participating. Poker New88 is a form of mind fighting where you have to confront your opponents and does not depend much on luck. Hopefully the above article will help you win and conquer this game!

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