Endolift, a minimally invasive laser procedure used for cosmetic surgery in the outpatient setting, is a minimally invasive endo-tissue (interstitial).

Endolift is a non-scalpel, painless, and no-scar therapy that improves skin reorganization without the use of a scalpel.

This is the result of cutting-edge medical and technical research. It can achieve surgical lifting effects without the drawbacks associated with traditional surgery such as a longer recovery time, greater risk of complications, and increased costs.

What is Endolift?

This approach uses a microfiber tip that is the same diameter as the hair shaft to immediately correct the area below the skin. It is not a surgical procedure. Endolift is a combination laser treatment that includes skin rejuvenation as well as face sculpting. There are no visible scars because the fibers are guided in the opposite way to gravity by victoria micro tunnels. The FDA-approved Endolift procedure is quick and noticeable. Because it doesn’t require anesthesia or incisions, this application is much simpler and more painless than traditional surgical procedures. It also uses simple air cooling.

Endolift, a microfiber-based treatment, may penetrate the skin to a depth of barely 200 or 300 microns. This thickness is completely gone after the procedure. This laser lifting application uses a 1470nm wavelength to deliver energy. It’s used to oppose gravity and apply force. It takes only minutes to apply and the result is instantly apparent.

Endolift(r), can be used with current procedures in aesthetic medicine and surgery, including – Fractional laser non-ablative resurfacing using fractional scanner LED photobiomodulation;- HIFU microfocused ultrasound;- Patch masks;-LIGHTSCANTM which may be used with the same Endolift (r) laser.

Where Endolift Therapy can be used

Mid-facelift: jowl melting, recovery, jawline clarity. Lower eyelid bagging correction. Lower eyelid lowering. Eyebrow lifting. Neckline tightening. Skin tightening. Deep nasolabial lines (lines that reach from the nose to border of the lips) and marionette line correction (lines that reach from the edge of your mouth to the border). It can be used to treat cellulite, open wrinkles, filling, breaking down fat in the knee, tightening the knee caps. Endolift treatment should be provided by Dr Nina. Doctor Nina is an exceptional endolift specialist. Endolift helps to resolve facial problems. Doctor Nina does not perform the endolift over the eyelid. We were provided with all the steps and effects by Doctor Nina.

Who is a good endolift?

The endolift treatment is very effective for people who have lost their skin elasticity and have excess fat tissue. Endolift can be used on anyone of any age and with any skin type, regardless of their needs.

Endolift is a great option for you.

This technique can be safely used by anyone, regardless of age, except for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

How long is the procedure?

Cost depends on how many areas of the face or body need to be treated. It might take five minutes to treat a single part of the face (e.g. the wattle), or half an hour to complete the look.

The treatment is painless and requires no anesthetic or incisions. You can resume your normal activities in a matter of hours with no recovery time.

How long are the effects lasting?

As with all medical treatments, Endolift(r), can be repeated without side effects. Each patient’s individual circumstances will determine the duration and reaction to the product. Endolift(r), if the physician feels it necessary, can be repeated without side effects.

Endolift(r), does not require any incisions. There is therefore no discomfort. Rest is not necessary. Patients can return to work or other routine activities in a matter of hours.

The results of the procedure are immediate and last a long time. They will continue to improve over time as collagen is deposited in deeper layers of the skin.

As with all aesthetic medicine treatments, Endolift(r), can be repeated without side effects. Each patient’s reaction to Endolift(r), and the duration of the effect, will vary. If the physician feels that it is necessary, Endolift(r), can be repeated as many times as needed without adverse effects.

What are the benefits of EndoLift’s ?

To the point of being invasive

Only one session has long-lasting impacts.

You can save your work and immediately get the results.

Therapy is not a quick or easy recovery process.

Precision does not cause bleeding or incisions.

Possibility to combine therapeutics with fractional non-ablative radiation

Fixed prices (it is much cheaper than traditional facelifts)

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