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Login to IHG Merlin

After you’ve created your profile, you will be able to log in to the IHG Merlin portal to gain access to your company benefits. To access the IHG Merlin portal, you will need to create a username. You will need a valid email address to access the IHG Merlin portal. You can reset your password using the password reset function if you forget it. Follow the steps below to log in.

IHG Rewards Club

Log in to the portal to become a member IHG Rewards Club at IHG Merlin. Follow the steps. You will first need to enter your username and password. Your domain name is also required. These details will allow you to access your profile and take advantage of employee benefits. You can reset your password on the portal if you forget your password. This program is completely free to join.

You can register online as an employee of IHG Merlin by using your company’s corporate identification and IHG Rewards Club numbers. You can then link your Merlin profile with your ID to access the employee rate. To use this program, you must be an IHG employee. Employees are not permitted to book rooms without it. You must present a valid photo ID matching the name of the reservation to be eligible for the employee rate. You must first get approval from the manager if you are an employee at a franchised hotel.

IHG Employee Benefit Program

You must be an IHG employee to use the IHG Employee Room Benefit program in Merlin. This program allows you to book up 7 rooms per year at the IHG employee rates. Reservations must be made no later than 90 days before the date of arrival. You must complete the IHG Rewards Program before you can book an employee rate. Simply visit Merlin’s homepage and click on the Edit Profile button to access the program.

An employee must have a Merlin ID as well as an IHG Rewards Club member to register for the Employee Room Benefit Program. The employee will be enrolled by the hotel manager. The validity period will run out after six months. You should renew the certificate every six months. You can access rooms at the employee rate but must have a valid ID. You must have a Merlin ID to use the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program.

IHG Marketplace

IHG Marketplace is your one-stop shop for all things IHG. This online marketplace is designed to help the hotel industry leverage the buying power of IHG. It combines strategic sourcing tools with an easy to use ordering platform. IHG is the largest hotel group in the world and can offer members immediate savings and rebates.

The Americas Sales Technology Symposium provides a segment education for key account sales representatives and on-property team members. On both days, the Partner Fair offers hoteliers and IHG’s Direct Bookers a unique networking opportunity. This is a unique opportunity to network with HB Associates seated at reverse trade show configurations. To network with IHG’s sales reps, corporate agents such as Amex, CWT and BCD are welcome to attend the event.

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IHG’s intranet

IHG employees can log in to Merlin’s intranet system. IHG employees can log in to the intranet system to keep track of business developments at its properties around the world. Employees can also use this system to communicate with one another. To keep up to date with company news, employees can log into Merlin to find out about new hotels openings or important announcements. To log in to Merlin, employees will need their username and password.

IHG created Merlin, its intranet system for its hotel chain. The system is available to IHG colleagues around the globe and acts as a communication hub between the hotels. Merlin allows IHG employees to share information about hotel performance and business intelligence. IHG Merlin was developed in collaboration with over 220 hotel employees around the world. It was created to improve the flow of information and allow for faster decision-making. This has been an integral part of IHG’s revenue management systems.

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